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Made to last
These outdoor pieces of furniture don't boast a 20 year warranty for nothing. Only the finest materials are used in our poly furniture: high-density polyethylene lumber and time-tested, weather-resistant stainless steel hardware.
Built for comfort
This furniture is not built- it is crafted. Smooth material, rounded edges, comfortable fit, and solid design all work together to create a new standard for outdoor seating.
Easy to care for
Poly furniture is not affected by most corrosive substances, and will not promote bacterial growth. To maintain the beauty of your furniture, simply clean it regularly with no-abrasive soap and water. If properly cared for, you will be able to relax in your fine piece of poly furniture for many years.
Fade resistant
Made of nearly 100% recycled milk jugs, poly lumber offers many advantages over other materials used in outdoor furniture. Each color is mixed completely through the material and is UV stabilized to resist fading.
Feels like quality
When you sit in one of our poly chairs you will know that it has been crafted for a better outdoor experience!
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