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Keeping your automated gate system maintained will help to ensure that it will always operate efficiently. Maintenance on your operator will also help to prevent small problems and safety hazards from becoming bigger problems that can be costly to fix. These simple steps can prevent those small problems and keep your operator running smoothly for many, many years.
!!IMPORTANT!! Make sure to turn off power to the operator before doing any service to it. Also unplug any batteries or other power source that may be connected with the operator system.
• Keep operator housing clean of any insects. (insects and their waste can cause the operator circuit to short out)

• Lubricate hinges and joints

• Check for loose joints and connections

• Make sure all bushes and debris is clear of the operator

• Make sure the gate and operator can move freely

• Check to see if there is any cracks or leaks that would allow water into the operator housing. (most cracks can be sealed with silicon- which can be found at your local hardware store)

• Make sure all safety devices and features are functioning properly

For Technical Support Call: 912.588.1041
If you are interested we also offer a gate service plan. One of our professional gate technicians will come out to service your gate system in detail. The technician will complete the steps as listed above and also inspect and service other components to keep your system performing well. When our technician is on site he will also program your keypad or other systems* if you if you would like. For more details or to sign up for our gate service plan please call: 912.588.1041 or click the link below.
*As long as programming does not take longer than 20 minutes.
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